Seniors Moving Smarter Services

Organizing, Downsizing & Space Planning

When we own things, they end up owning us. Downsizing your clutter increases your happiness, and rearranging a space can reshape your outlook. Let Seniors Moving Smarter help you choose the items you truly love, and figure out the perfect spot for them in your new place. For everything else, we will make arrangements such as shipping to a loved one, entering in an auction or donating to a charity. Not sure where to start? We have relocated thousands of people and can offer thoughtful, professional advice.

Prepping for the Real Estate Market

Let us put a little work into your home, so you can get a lot more out of it. Listing your home on the competitive real estate market is all about appearances. Seniors Moving Smarter can help give your home a better first impression. We will clean, declutter and prep your home so that it is ready for the real estate market while making sure you are comfortable throughout the process. And after a complete home market consultation, we will recommend ways to sell your home faster and at the best price. Look smarter. Sell for more. Close faster.

Professional Packing & Moving

Wrapping. Packing. Labeling. These are the things that can turn a move into a herculean task. Seniors Moving Smarter makes it simple. You choose the things you’re going to move, and we’ll box it up. We’ve done this so many times that we have an efficient process that is as fast as it is safe. Depending of the size of your move, we may even throw in packing materials for free.

On moving day, the rubber hits the road. Once we find the right mover for your needs, we will manage and supervise them on moving day. This is where our proven processes are put to the test. Making sure the truck is loaded in a sequence that makes the unpacking process efficient is just one more trick that we have up our sleeves! Boxes are unpacked and organized into your new space and your new floor plan is brought to life. We stay on task and on time, and keep you up to date along the way. Your wishes are respected and you don’t even have to be there.

Unpacking, Settling-In and Hanging Artwork

Ahh, the finishing touches. They are what makes a home feel like a home. But while it can take a single day to move, it often takes months to unpack. Imagine coming home at the end of day one to find that the boxes and packing peanuts have been replaced by organized cabinets, walls full of pictures, and a TV that’s ready to be turned to your favorite show. You can sleep in your own bed knowing that the move is behind you, and it didn’t stress you out a bit.

Hanging pictures and artwork is not an easy task, especially if you want everything to look just right. We not only know how to professionally hang art, we have experience creating arrangements that allow you to feature more art on less wall space. Let us make your pictures, art, and collectibles look fabulous!

How We Do It

Senior Move Manager®
Each move is directed by a Senior Move Manager®, dedicated to making sure each project goes smoothly from start to finish. You’ll be assigned a Senior Move Manager® who is with you all the way just one more detail we know makes all the difference. Imagine having your personal Senior Move Manager® available to you to answer your questions quickly…it can really ease your angst.

Your Support Team
Your Senior Move Manager® can’t do it alone! When extra hands are needed we are here to help. You can be confident in knowing that the team is here and at the ready for you when you need us. And because of our extensive communication systems with each other we aren’t stepping into the unknown. We come prepared and ready to go to work for you.

Specialty Services

Moving with Dementia

We understand the challenges of moving a loved one with dementia. Moving someone with dementia involves so much more than furniture. Our training and our experience will help this move go smoother and help your loved one and you with the transition. There are proven methods and techniques to help your loved one through this move.  Count on us to ease this change in life.

Moving Cross Country

Let’s take a road trip together. When you hire Seniors Moving Smarter for your long haul move to or from Grand Rapids, you’re inviting our family-oriented team along for the ride. Knowing your moving team and who is handling your belongings all the way will give you sense of comfort and peace of mind.

Accurate estimates. Firm arrival dates. Concrete schedules. With a cross country move there are many moving parts, and it takes experience and organization to pull it off smoothly.

Moving On Short Notice

Things happen in life, and you can’t always plan ahead for a move. Fortunately, Seniors Moving Smarter is ready whenever you are. When the unexpected happens, such as an illness or injury, you can count on us to be ready to help. We understand how stressful a crisis can be, let us get your new space ready so you can feel at home from day one.  No one likes being without their beloved things.

High End Furnishings

Our clients have gathered possessions for a lifetime and often have collections of valuable and/or fragile belongings. Our staff is skilled and knowledgeable about the proper handling of finer, fragile and expensive items. Especially those with added sentimental value.

The SMS Difference

We Help You Embrace Change
Moving isn’t just a change in location, it’s an emotional adjustment. For anyone fighting the idea of leaving their home, we have proven ways of helping them feel more comfortable with the change, and many of our clients feel a sense of renewal after the move.  This can be a positive experience – let us show you how.

We Help You Focus on the Important Stuff
Many of the moves we assist with are going from a larger residence to a smaller place. This means making decisions on what to keep, and what to do with the rest. This is one of the most challenging aspects of moving, and with our guidance, we can make the process of saying goodbye smooth and painless. In fact, many people are surprised and delighted at how good they feel being surrounded by their most treasured belongings and free from the rest of the STUFF.

We Make Sure your Connected with the Right Help
We take all the worries and stressors out of the equation. We schedule and organize every aspect of the move so you don’t have to. We select the right moving team and supervise them to make sure your most precious belongings are safe and secure. There will be many players involved in your project and we’ll make sure you are connected with the best. You just sit back and relax, we’ve got everything covered.

We Become Part of Your Family
We start with a hand shake and end with a hug. That’s how we operate. You are as important to us as our own family. We will help with the big things – that’s obvious, but it’s our assistance with the little things that makes all the difference. Just let us know what you need, that’s why we’re here.

We've been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of our clients and their families.